Layla and Rob’s Steamy Serial

Midnight Show

At the tail-end of an exhausting and stressful trip with her mother, Layla wants to blow off some steam. A handsome stranger helps out—in the most unconventional way.


Layla decides to take the handsome stranger up on his offer, but a few pesky hurdles stand in the way.

The Run-In

By total chance, Layla and Rob meet again. Will their rendezvous live up to all the hype?


Layla and Rob finally enjoy a hot night together. But when morning comes, Layla wonders just how long their passionate setup will last.

Next Level

Three months into their no-pressure arrangement, Layla and Rob are the picture of bliss. But an ill-timed phone call from a family member could throw everything off balance.

Cocktail Hour

At a glitzy homecoming party for Layla’s mother, the couple endure awkward conversations and a few surprises—both good and bad.


In the aftermath of their first fight, Layla and Rob have different ideas of how to move on.

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