alarm-clock-time-38267I glance at the clock on my nightstand. Twelve-twenty in the morning. Six hours until I’m due to be up for school, and I’m still no closer to falling asleep. And I know exactly why.

I wasn’t honest with Harker.

I know what I need to do if I want to have any chance at sleep tonight. I need to tell him I’m going on a date with a different guy the night before we meet up.

I swipe my phone from my nightstand. It’s impulsive and probably not what anyone would advise, especially not according to modern dating standards, but it’s the right thing to do according to me.

Hey. So, so sorry to send you a text in the middle of the night. Maybe you don’t care, but I don’t want to be dishonest. The reason I’m not free on Tuesday is because I had already made plans to have dinner with a guy I’m seeing casually. I hope that doesn’t ruin things. Very sorry if I just made everything weird. I still definitely want to have drinks on Wednesday though if you’re still up for that and if I haven’t scared you away with this creepy middle-of-the-night text LOL 

Turning over to my side, I close my eyes. My phone buzzes. It’s Harker. I didn’t think he’d be up this late.

Hey. No worries at all, seriously 🙂 That’s part of the whole dating game these days. I still definitely want to get drinks. If anything, it’s made me want to up my game to win you over 😉 

I let out a soft laugh in the darkness of my bedroom. Out of all the responses I expected, Harker reacting with complete calm wasn’t one of them. This guy is unreal, and I totally dig it.

Me: Seriously?

Harker: Seriously 

Me: Thanks for being so cool about things 🙂 

Harker: Of course 

I contemplate letting that be the end of it, but curiosity gets the best of me.

Me: So I’m worth upping your game for already? I’m so very flattered 😛

Harker: Hell yes you are. Honestly, I’m kicking myself for not asking you out Saturday night. You’re a hell of a catch, Ava. Beautiful, smart, funny, and so sexy

My brow hits my hairline. Even in the darkness I know my cheeks are crimson because I can already feel the heat flash across my skin. That’s one hell of a compliment from a stone cold fox like Harker.

Me: So sexy? Really? LOL

Harker: Sorry, is that crossing a line? 

I groan softly in the darkness. The thought of Harker in bed thinking about how sexy I am sends me into overdrive. My free hand falls to my chest. In just seconds, my heartbeat goes from steady to full-speed.

Me: Not at all. Say more things like that. Please 

Harker: You are beyond sexy, Ava. When I saw your photo on your profile, my eyes bulged out of my head. I couldn’t swipe fast enough. Your black hair, your tan skin, your long, lean body, the curve of your hips. You’re absolutely stunning

Me: More 

Harker: You sure? Things could get graphic

Me: They better

Harker: 😉 You tick all of my boxes. The sound of your voice, your laugh, those little moans you let out sometimes when you catch your breath. You are a walking, talking aphrodisiac  

I slide my hand down the front of my panties and manage to type out a reply even though I’m panting up a storm.

Me: You have no idea how hot it makes me to hear you say that

Harker: That goes double for me

With the palm of my hand, I press against my mound. Already I’m so sensitive. I start the circles slowly. Heat builds from my core, spreading up to my chest and neck, my arms and legs.

Me: Tell me what you would do to me if you were in bed with me right now 

The speed at which he sends his reply makes me wonder if he’s been thinking about this scenario for a while. I hope so.

Harker: I would tell you to take your clothes off and climb on my bed, on all fours 

Me: And then? 

Harker: And then I would kiss up the backs of your thighs slowly, deliberately. And then I’d lick your pussy from behind

I choke on a breath and whisper, “Fuck,” my voice a shallow rasp. I press my palm harder, increasing my speed. A second later, the pleasure intensifies. It’s like I’m burning from the inside out. Closing my eyes, I picture Harker’s naked torso, chiseled to hell. I haven’t seen him with his shirt off, of course, but I have no doubt there’s cut muscle everywhere—his chest, abs, obliques, that delicious Adonis belt I’m positive he has.

A breathy moan slips past my lips. It’s a struggle to hold my phone steady when all I want to do is grip the bed and hold on for dear life. With shaky fingers, I type.

Me: Fuck

Harker: Not just yet  

There’s a minute-long pause, and I bite my lip, slowing the circles I make. Bringing my hand to my mouth, I wet the pads of my index and middle fingers, then resume with a slow, steady pace just as Harker sends another message. I hope he’s as hard as I am wet. I hope the thought of me touching myself makes him absolutely crazy.

Me: I can hardly take it. Tell me more. Please

Harker: I’d run my tongue all over until your legs were so shaky, you couldn’t hold yourself up anymore. Then I’d flip you on your back, and finish you off with my tongue on your clit and my fingers inside you. You’d want it to last forever, but your body wouldn’t be able to control itself. You’d come so, so hard against my mouth

I finish reading and promptly choke on my next inhale. My fingers circle at lightning speed, the heat and pressure colliding to form the most delicious sensation between my legs. With each second it intensifies, and I know I don’t have much longer. I’m panting, moaning, growling. I sound positively feral. If Harker is this good on the phone, how in the world will I survive him in person?

I wonder if he knows I’m teetering on the edge, that his words are the only thing that could bring me mind-blowing release.

Three gray dots appear at the bottom of his last message and I grin. No question he knows just how hot he’s making me.

Harker: And then I’d flip you over on your stomach, slide inside you, hold your hands behind your back, and fuck you until you came again on my rock-hard cock. 

I barely make it to the last word before my eyes clamp shut and I explode. It’s a movement that’s made completely outside of my control, just like everything else that happens to my body. With my eyes shut, all I see are stars. The phone falls from my hand as every part of me thrashes. I’m practically convulsing. Gasps and moans are the only sounds that fall from my open mouth. Every limb, every muscle is tense with the pleasure thundering through me. It’s seconds—maybe minutes—before I come down. When I do, my vision blurs and my ears ring.

I heave a breath, then grab my phone and summon all my residual strength into replying.

 Me: I came, Harker. So hard.

His only response is a devil grin emoji.

Still catching my breath, I burst into giggles. My eyelids are heavy, and I’m minutes away from sleep, max. My phone buzzes one more.

Harker: Good. Remember that when you’re on your date. See you Wednesday, Ava 😉 

4 thoughts on “Monday

  1. Who doesn’t love a good sext? 😏❤️


  2. His last message! Just perfect.

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    1. OMG you are the best. Seriously 🙂 ❤

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